14 Dec 2010

Dødsengel - Alongside Choronzon

An exhilarating, 27-minute journey into the unknowable madness of the Abyss. Four new songs, instantly recognisable as Dødsengel... as diverse as ever in their composition and atmosphere.


Dødsengel - Ecstatic Horror

Dødsengel emerge with two new powerful incantations, ‘Axis Mundi’ and ‘Unchained and Reborn’ – both tracks equal in their pounding ferocity and mystical energy.


12 Dec 2010

Gorgonea Prima!

Just fucking look at these guys......Tekno throwbacks from Mortal Kombat II, playing the future of modern Black Metal warfare.
We've all heard Aborym, Mysticum, Neo Inferno 262 and the rest, and each of them left us gasping for air, yet after we recovered, we thought 'This band could push it further, they could use more of these drug fuelled elektronikal additions in order to wipe my memory from my skull in a green hazed bout of madness'.
Well this is where we find ourselves, finally a band that is 100% CYBER.
There's no quiet Black Metal only sections, everything is powered by elektroniks, everything storms ahead through fibre optik cables, with one destination, your brain.
There's no pulse to this, only beeps and fans spinning, like the computer you're using now.

Needless to say this is recommended, I urge all of you with the slightest interest in above mentioned bands as well as any general interest in Industrial BM or the more obscure ancient term of Cyber BM.


4 Dec 2010

Todtgelichter - Angst

First time listening to this band(I think?) and from what history states, this band have been through a few changes in theme and style, from pagan/depressive black metal, and now into a much more modern Post-Black Metal frame of mind.
I have to say, hats off to them, because they have done an incredible job.
Clean female vocals stand side by side with harsh male BM screams, the music is upbeat and for the most part quite pacey....carrying with it that common post-black metal sound, whilst holding onto a more polished black metal riff base sound, which works superbly.
Great music for Black Metal fans who wish to take an hour off from Satan and his minions, this is a wonderful urban approach.


29 Nov 2010

Urfaust - Der freiwillige Bettler

New release from our Dutch fruitcakes Urfaust, excellent mood setting album for that important first date with the college girl you picked up down at burger king, essential listening.
Urfaust should be no mystery to you by now, the vocals are still oddly excellent, the music is still full of atmosphere and foreboding.  Grab it! Grab her Kunt!


28 Nov 2010

Svartrit - I - III

Not very often does a band release three albums in a year, let alone all at the same time.
I'd never heard of this band before untill my recent discovery, and I wasn't expecting too much from the generic covers and unoriginal B&W woodland photography, but pleasantly, I was surprised.
You could find yourself comparing this band to early/mid era Abigor during moments, Svartrit do manage to carry that mid-90's feeling among certain songs, which makes it easy to listen to and doesn't give you much room to pick at this band, unless you're looking for something totally original and fresh, which this isn't.
Dark Germanic Heathenism/Anti-Cosmic is apparently the lyrical theme, not that you'd be able to tell at all.
Closing this up I have enjoyed the minutes spent listening to all three releases and I'd suggest you do the same.
(Note - the second album failed to upload, so the first and third will be posted and the second shall follow, if you enjoy both post a comment and I'll try and get the second album posted quickly.)

Download I & III

22 Nov 2010

Borgne - Entraves De L'ame

Awesome cold Black Metal, from this less than known band who in the past simply titled their albums I, II, III & IV.  Freezing and terrifying riffs and electronics span throughout ripping the breath from your throat.
For fans of Astral Silence, DSDO and Sun of The Blind.

Belenos - Yet Sonn Gardis

One of the toughest and best Pagan Black Metal bands there is, here with another offering of Heathen domination against the modern religions, sword in hand, raping the spirit of Allah, Mohammed and his fellow Prophets.

Inquisition - Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm

This is Inquisition, this is Black Metal.
Awesome new release by, in my opinion, one of America's greatest bands.
It's all here, the killer riffs, the thundering drums and those trademark vocals.  Great production, great songs, great fucking album.

9 Nov 2010

Anal Blasphemy - Profane Fornication Ejaculation

CD includes "Ejaculation of Black Impurity" tape as bonus tracks

Aborym - Psychogrotesque

1. Psychogrotesque I 01:56
2. Psychogrotesque II 05:03
3. Psychogrotesque III 04:05
4. Psychogrotesque IV 04:36
5. Psychogrotesque V 05:40
6. Psychogrotesque VI 06:14
7. Psychogrotesque VII 05:12
8. Psychogrotesque VIII 02:30
9. Psychogrotesque IX 02:48
10. Psychogrotesque X 08:43
11. Hidden Track 02:09

Total playing time 48:58

Awesome new album, really killer, Track III is a standout, Faust showing he can keep up with techno beats and drummachine randomness.

Der Weg einer Freiheit - Der Weg einer Freiheit (2009)

This isn't normally my type of album, but I took a punt on it and enjoyed it alot.


Dunkelnacht - Atheist Dezekration

01 Des Dieux Et Des Martyrs
02 Oligarchislamisme
03 The Nailed Wings Of Zionism
04 Etau Chrétien
05 In The Halls Of Tortured Idols
06 How To Build A New Burning Head Messiah
07 Klaustrophobik Inoculum
08 Errare Humanum Est
09 Atheist Dezekration

After 5 years in the Dark Ambient scene, this horde have evolved into Black Metal music with this debut. The first full-length "Atheist dezekration" is composed of eight brutal and spellbounding pieces, spawned of differents interludes!
Interesting listen for a band so young in the shape of BM.


Otargos - No God, No Satan

Decent release from a pretty killer live band whom I saw a few months back, they're also good on disc.

GWAR - Bloody Pit of Horror

You've gotta love Gwar haven't you? 

Black Witchery - Inferno Of Sacred Destruction

New album from one of Americas leading bands in bestial barbaric war black metal.

Bethlehem - Stönkfitzchen

New album (of sorts) from the original masters of insanity and shit eating.

8 Nov 2010


1. Epiklesis I 01:42
2. Wings of Predation 03:43
3. Abscission 06:07
4. Dearth 03:47
5. Phosphene 07:03
6. Epiklesis II 03:06
7. Malconfort 04:57
8. Have you Beheld the Fevers? 02:59
9. Devouring Famine 05:09
10. Apokatastasis Pantôn 04:01
Finally it is here! Make haste!
Having listened to this a few times now, I have to say the first thing that hits me, is "Wow, it's over?"
Maybe I wanted this to carry on into the 70 minute zone, but it doesn't matter what I want.
What I will say is that this is most certainly the overall best of the trilogy.  It's less painful on the brain to listen to than part two, and most interesting than part one, it's a nice combination of the two, certainly this is the result of taking the best from the first two and molding them perfectly into the shape of an unstoppable multiheaded beast.

14 Oct 2010

Dark Tribe - In Jeraspunta / Die Rückkehr der Tollwütigen Bestie

One of the most insane albums you're likely to hear.
This is the second album for those of you that went crazy punching yourselves in the face listening to the latest, you'll probably end up crippled once this album finishes.
Highly addictive, totally kaotic and utterly brilliant. Witness for yourself.


13 Oct 2010


Debut EP from these grim Amerikunts, heavy as fukk old skhool Death Metal in league with Funebrarum and co.
Limited to 100, this is heavy shit.

Nyseius - Militiae

Some pretty excellent new French Black Metal up for grabs, with one demo released in 2004 prior to this full length, for a band that has been active since 2002, that's quite a while to get things kicking off.  Make no mistake, this isn't bringing anything new to the table, it's an old dish cooked to an great standard by an imitation TV cook, but for fans of fast and at times brutal Black Metal, this wins.


Terzij de Horde - A Rage of Rapture Against the Dying of the Light

Modern Post-Black Metal from the Dutch, short release that makes an impression.
At times you wonder if these guys have been listening to Drudkh whilst sitting in an old 6 story car park.
It's enjoyable if you don't mind some Post-Black Metal thrown into your daily dose of Satan, God and Rape.


Alrakis - Omega Cen

Incredible band from Germany, this is however an unofficial release (So I'm told), but who cares? You can't care that much otherwise you wouldn't be on this blog, or any other.
Darkspace, Astral Silence and now Alrakis pick up the torch leading the way in outer-space inspired Black Metal.
The music is other worldly, vast and black, empty yet full of life, like the dark sea in which Earth swims in.
Nice production gets the message across well, guitars sound sorrowful and full of yearning.  This music is searching for answers, answers which NASA are still trying to figure out, get a step ahead of them and spend an hour of your time focusing your cosmic energy into this.

Ayr - Circling

Heavy and thick, two words to sum up the production on this tape, and it's killer.
I'm expecting good things from this pair in the future.  It's somewhat hard to put this band into a sub-group, they're blending various forms of BM into the mix in order to come up with something traditional sounding, yet fresh and new.

12 Oct 2010

Divine Codex - Ante Matter

Guh.Lu: guitars, bass, backing vocals
Atum: drums, synthesizers
M. Svavel: Session Vocals
Mysteriis: session Vocals

Attila Csihar: addtional vocal/Intrumental contribution

What do you think about that then? Sneaky line up, and not a bad album, worth 40 minutes of your time.

25 Sep 2010


Nekrasov are one of a number of projects bringing us Black Metal/Noise/Ambient hybrids these days, and Nekrasov do it in a very harsh noise driven fashion, it's kaotic and insane at times, whilst the noise/ambient tracks are dark and intimidating, hinting at some future doom that awaits us all in our stone buildings and steel steeds, this is very much for the modern world.  This is however, all very well kontrolled, so much so that you might begin to think that Skynet is involved in the creation of these songs.  You've been warned.

Dark Tribe - Archaic Visions

Awesome new album from German nutcases Dark Tribe, demented lunatic kaos! 
Vokills are for your Silencer/Bethlehem fans, the music on the other hand is probably more off the wall than both bands combined, this only features at times though.
Excellent riffs partner some brilliant and refreshing drum patterns also a great production for this type of band, not too polished, still raw and cold, but clear enough to sound full and fat.
If you're going to listen to one album this week, try and make it this one.


Mjölnir are in my mind such an underrated band that it's disgusting.
I've had the full length for a number of years now, and it's still full of quality.
Razor sharp guitars with tons of keys, which aren't homosexual in the slightest, but go with the music perfectly.
Awesome clean and harsh vokills give this an epic and ancient atmosphere.
Due to this being NSBM and at the time of its release in Germany, there was a big crackdown on such movements, Mjölnir's lable at the time was raided and thus ceased to contiue service, alas so did this highly recommended relic and gem.
I'm throwing in the split just as an extra.  Antichrist are nothing special.
Mjölnir's material on the split differs quite alot from that of the album.  But worth hearing regardless.

24 Sep 2010

Trimorphes Zentrum Xul - Novus oriens

Cybernetic Black Metal willing you to insert wires into your throat whilst listening to Techno and worshipping He that is Xul.
For all fans of Cyber/Industrial Black Metal, this is a gem.  Occult and perverted elektronik E-Vol

Deus Despectum

French Black Metal focusing on Satan, Violence and Perversion.

Subconscious Evil

Now this is truly kult!
No logo, no track titles, not even a decent fucking cover, just 100% venomous Black Metal from Japan, there's not even info on members here, no idea when this band got going either, just be safe in the knowledge that this is pretty horrible to behold, ultra raw, fantasticly sinister and best of all, super-grim.


Before Ofermod, before Orthodox BM and its modern movement, we had Malign.
Similar in sound at times but here we one of the founding hordes in the Orthodox Black Metal circle.

Front Beast - Wicked Wings of Wartjalka

Mid-paced Germanic Black Metal

16 Sep 2010


First album by this cult US Black Metal band, awesome song writing only improved with the second album.
Burning the flame for Orthodox USBM.

Deathspell Omega - Manifestations 2002

Tracks before they went all higher Luciferian on the world, probably better stuff than on the first couple of releases IMO.

Worth hearing all the same, something to keep you going whilst we wait for the new album, which should be out sometime before the end of this year.

3 Sep 2010

oOo - STN Nuclear Generation

Industrial Black Metal from 2006, first and final release.
Cd-R limited to 100 handnumbered copies.
Apparently the band has since changed its name to Out of Order
Features members from various well known French acts.

What Do You Think of The Old God, We Call Him Judas?

So now you've tasted Reverorum ib Malacht, I shall unleash the first demo.

This demo is simply incredible, you will be very hard pressed to find something as dark and as powerful sounding as this, nor I'm sure will you be able to find another release that captures such evil ambience and a smothering atmosphere.  This is perfection, I can only compare it to other releases by taking the best parts of say....Hell i'm not quite sure, it's such a fog on the mind listening to this that it makes everything stand still because you just can't focus and once it has played out, you'll be hard pressed to get it out of your head.

The production is wonderful(terrible)...apparently they wanted to use the worst recording equipment possible, which just happen to result in genius.
What you hear is the sounds of dark rituals vibrating malevolently through stone walls finally reaching your ears as your body lays helpless and frozen with fear underground Reverorum ib Malacht's temple of black sorcery.
This is the soundtrack to the Dungeons of Angband.

1 Sep 2010

Maniac Butcher - Masakr

"MANIAC BUTCHER are back after a 10 year hiatus with their 7th album. The full length entitled 'Masakr' contains six new tracks of orthodox black metal. Raw and heavy guitars pound out riff after riff of furious evil energized by aggressive drumming and completed with a violent wave of harsh distorted dirty vocals that tell the epic tale of Maniac Butcher. The overall sound on Masakr is monstrous. This album is by far the most professionally produced MANIAC BUTCHER album to date yet still captures the raw and underground feeling of previous albums.MANIAC BUTCHER are the longest running true black metal band from Czech. Since the early 90's they have maintained their motto "No keyboards!! No female vocals!! Only pure black metal storm!!" which forged their straight forward and ruthless sound.Ruthless and savage black metal that spits at the cross!"

Description to follow.

Reverorum ib Malacht - Demo 09

I should have listened to this alot more than I have, as it's incredibly killer.
What makes me say this? When you listen, you will understand.
Dark power generates from this art, it's strength and magic are the soundtrack to the dungeons of Barad-Dur itself.  Make haste!  Hit the download now.

31 Aug 2010

Zdzisław Beskiński

I can remember discovering this artist when making a post in a forum on how I could make my art work darker. I had a few answers, some of them in great existential detail, most of which were quite decent but one guy just posted a link and this this was at the other end of it...
Zdzisław Beskiński - Perhaps the darkest art work I have ever seen (and I have seen a lot) Try as you might but you will find no light, hope or joy in his works.
Beskiński put forward some truly dark masterpieces that would seem to come from a land of systematic erasure of all optimism and positiveness.
I guess however that there was something positive... My awe of this departed souls work.

30 Aug 2010



From Germany, some of the most random shit thrown together in all seriousness, the keys never seem to fit the guitar, or the beat, but it works for me.