31 Aug 2010

Zdzisław Beskiński

I can remember discovering this artist when making a post in a forum on how I could make my art work darker. I had a few answers, some of them in great existential detail, most of which were quite decent but one guy just posted a link and this this was at the other end of it...
Zdzisław Beskiński - Perhaps the darkest art work I have ever seen (and I have seen a lot) Try as you might but you will find no light, hope or joy in his works.
Beskiński put forward some truly dark masterpieces that would seem to come from a land of systematic erasure of all optimism and positiveness.
I guess however that there was something positive... My awe of this departed souls work.

30 Aug 2010



From Germany, some of the most random shit thrown together in all seriousness, the keys never seem to fit the guitar, or the beat, but it works for me.

Means To An End - Weathered By Time

Not being a huge fan of DSBM I gave this a listen due to boredom and quite liked it.
Ambient/Atmospheric elements make it less whiney and wimpy than 94% of DSBM showing its face these days.
With the Shoegaze BM movement being dominante at the moment you can expect to hear traces of that genre lurking in the murk.
Decent listen overall.
Pest 666 put this out, which also put out The Last Days EP.

Eternal Darkness - Total Darkness

This is essential listening for all Death Metal fans and fans of Funebrarum.  True Death, overcasted with DOOM.

This is their best of release.

1. Intro [0:52]
2. Ceremony of Doom [7:47]
3. Zombie Feast [5:08]
4. Paradise of Eternal Darkness [6:27]
5. Intro [2:11]
6. Suffering [6:07]
7. Serve and Obey [5:11]
8. Ancient Ones [5:45]
9. Psychopath [4:21]
10. Doomed [5:24]
11. Ceremony of Doom [4:07]
12. Psychopath [3:59]
13. Despair [3:55]
14. Twilight in the Wilderness [1:25]
15. That Day Will Come [4:20]
16. A Pleasant Surprise [3:32]
17. The Island (Of Fear) [3:57]
Total time: 1:14:28
Tracks one through four are from the Ceremony of Doom demo (1991) (track
three is number four on the vinyl). Five through eight are from the
Suffering demo (1991) (track seven is fifth on the vinyl). Nine and 10
(one and two on vinyl) are from the Doomed single (1992). Track 11 (three
on vinyl) is previously unreleased. Twelve through 17 (six through 11 on vinyl)
are from the unreleased Twilight in the Wilderness album (recorded in
August 1992).

The Last Days - When the Tomorrow is A Grey Day EP

Excellent release with some great songs, which focus on making you feel as tragically hopeless as possible, you can get lost within these walls, and after two songs, you'll be convinced this is where you belong, stuck in an empty room where sunlight dares not enter.
Note, this band started off quite differently, from Ambient Black Metal to DSBM.
Now finally they find themselves in the pocket of Post-Black Metal


VI are another band oozing out of the inner circle of bands that reside in Gaul, such as Antaeus, Neo Inferno 262, Inkisitor and others.
What we get with this release is more of the same, relentless sinister anthems dedicated to your demise.

29 Aug 2010

Funeral Procession

From the same lable as The Ruins of Beverast, this band is what you'd expect from Van records, German, slightly odd, dark and interesting.
This is the one and only full length, although this band has other releases such as demos and splits, this is the only one I feel you can listen to and get an understanding as to what makes this Funeral Procession worth observing without lowering your gaze.

Luror - Cease To Live

Luror are quality, ok my opinion but for what Luror is, Luror is good.
Their records always take shape in the same way, in that they have no shape, no two songs follow in a similar fashion.  You could say at times Luror sounds typically German, and you'd be right, but what's wrong with that?
This is Luror's latest album, which is from 2008, seems like a long time ago now but it's all we have to play with at the present.

Vulvark - Demo

Vulvark....Underrated? Yep.
This is merely the demo, the full length is on most other blogs but if requested it can appear on here, this is simply a taste of what this one man band has imagined and created, furious, grim and 100% true.

Westering - Help A Body

What a fantastic discovery.
Shoegaze Black Metal from the United States, wonderfully composed with an excellent mystic production.
For a debut this is outstanding, more Black Metal than Shoegaze, with ambient interludes between songs, which are also brilliant.
I can't get enough of this lately, I can only hope that any follow up that may come to light is on equal terms or better than this.


Probably the best thing to come out of Norway in the last five years.
Eeerie lunatic hymns of the occult address you in such a way that you might want to rethink your morals and standard of living, for sure you won't waste any more time worshipping Norse turds like Dimmu Borgir.
Here we have both full-lenght albums and the 2010 EP.
Let them seduce you and rip at your inner ear.


Nothing needs to be said about this band.
You should already be in the know, but if not, here's a starter pack.



Pseudogod Discog

Pseudogod are killer.  This is a fact.
Hailing from Russia, you might expect to hear NS lyrics or undertones through their releases, but that is not the case.
What we have is one of the most promising bands to hail from the East of Europe, krushing Black/Death riffs stampede over all your current views on Russian BM and correct you in your narrow "Old Wainds" opinion on Soviet  Black Metal.
This is more in line with giants such as Archgoat, Blasphemy and Teitanblood.
So if you're a fan of those bands, don't waste any more time.

Burning Church Forest

Book 1
1. Chapter 1 10:08
2. Chapter 2 09:22
3. Chapter 3 13:21
4. Chapter 4 18:08
Total playing time 50:59

Book 2
1. Chapter 1 - Ashes of the Crucifix 10:50
2. Chapter 2 - The Freezing Fog 05:01
3. Chapter 3 - The Dead Trees 12:48
4. Chapter 4 - Watching the Alter Burn 10:07
5. Chapter 5 - Sacrfice Your Freedom 19:28
Total playing time 58:14