29 Nov 2010

Urfaust - Der freiwillige Bettler

New release from our Dutch fruitcakes Urfaust, excellent mood setting album for that important first date with the college girl you picked up down at burger king, essential listening.
Urfaust should be no mystery to you by now, the vocals are still oddly excellent, the music is still full of atmosphere and foreboding.  Grab it! Grab her Kunt!


28 Nov 2010

Svartrit - I - III

Not very often does a band release three albums in a year, let alone all at the same time.
I'd never heard of this band before untill my recent discovery, and I wasn't expecting too much from the generic covers and unoriginal B&W woodland photography, but pleasantly, I was surprised.
You could find yourself comparing this band to early/mid era Abigor during moments, Svartrit do manage to carry that mid-90's feeling among certain songs, which makes it easy to listen to and doesn't give you much room to pick at this band, unless you're looking for something totally original and fresh, which this isn't.
Dark Germanic Heathenism/Anti-Cosmic is apparently the lyrical theme, not that you'd be able to tell at all.
Closing this up I have enjoyed the minutes spent listening to all three releases and I'd suggest you do the same.
(Note - the second album failed to upload, so the first and third will be posted and the second shall follow, if you enjoy both post a comment and I'll try and get the second album posted quickly.)

Download I & III

22 Nov 2010

Borgne - Entraves De L'ame

Awesome cold Black Metal, from this less than known band who in the past simply titled their albums I, II, III & IV.  Freezing and terrifying riffs and electronics span throughout ripping the breath from your throat.
For fans of Astral Silence, DSDO and Sun of The Blind.

Belenos - Yet Sonn Gardis

One of the toughest and best Pagan Black Metal bands there is, here with another offering of Heathen domination against the modern religions, sword in hand, raping the spirit of Allah, Mohammed and his fellow Prophets.

Inquisition - Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm

This is Inquisition, this is Black Metal.
Awesome new release by, in my opinion, one of America's greatest bands.
It's all here, the killer riffs, the thundering drums and those trademark vocals.  Great production, great songs, great fucking album.

9 Nov 2010

Anal Blasphemy - Profane Fornication Ejaculation

CD includes "Ejaculation of Black Impurity" tape as bonus tracks

Aborym - Psychogrotesque

1. Psychogrotesque I 01:56
2. Psychogrotesque II 05:03
3. Psychogrotesque III 04:05
4. Psychogrotesque IV 04:36
5. Psychogrotesque V 05:40
6. Psychogrotesque VI 06:14
7. Psychogrotesque VII 05:12
8. Psychogrotesque VIII 02:30
9. Psychogrotesque IX 02:48
10. Psychogrotesque X 08:43
11. Hidden Track 02:09

Total playing time 48:58

Awesome new album, really killer, Track III is a standout, Faust showing he can keep up with techno beats and drummachine randomness.

Der Weg einer Freiheit - Der Weg einer Freiheit (2009)

This isn't normally my type of album, but I took a punt on it and enjoyed it alot.


Dunkelnacht - Atheist Dezekration

01 Des Dieux Et Des Martyrs
02 Oligarchislamisme
03 The Nailed Wings Of Zionism
04 Etau Chrétien
05 In The Halls Of Tortured Idols
06 How To Build A New Burning Head Messiah
07 Klaustrophobik Inoculum
08 Errare Humanum Est
09 Atheist Dezekration

After 5 years in the Dark Ambient scene, this horde have evolved into Black Metal music with this debut. The first full-length "Atheist dezekration" is composed of eight brutal and spellbounding pieces, spawned of differents interludes!
Interesting listen for a band so young in the shape of BM.


Otargos - No God, No Satan

Decent release from a pretty killer live band whom I saw a few months back, they're also good on disc.

GWAR - Bloody Pit of Horror

You've gotta love Gwar haven't you? 

Black Witchery - Inferno Of Sacred Destruction

New album from one of Americas leading bands in bestial barbaric war black metal.

Bethlehem - Stönkfitzchen

New album (of sorts) from the original masters of insanity and shit eating.

8 Nov 2010


1. Epiklesis I 01:42
2. Wings of Predation 03:43
3. Abscission 06:07
4. Dearth 03:47
5. Phosphene 07:03
6. Epiklesis II 03:06
7. Malconfort 04:57
8. Have you Beheld the Fevers? 02:59
9. Devouring Famine 05:09
10. Apokatastasis Pantôn 04:01
Finally it is here! Make haste!
Having listened to this a few times now, I have to say the first thing that hits me, is "Wow, it's over?"
Maybe I wanted this to carry on into the 70 minute zone, but it doesn't matter what I want.
What I will say is that this is most certainly the overall best of the trilogy.  It's less painful on the brain to listen to than part two, and most interesting than part one, it's a nice combination of the two, certainly this is the result of taking the best from the first two and molding them perfectly into the shape of an unstoppable multiheaded beast.