9 Nov 2010

Dunkelnacht - Atheist Dezekration

01 Des Dieux Et Des Martyrs
02 Oligarchislamisme
03 The Nailed Wings Of Zionism
04 Etau Chrétien
05 In The Halls Of Tortured Idols
06 How To Build A New Burning Head Messiah
07 Klaustrophobik Inoculum
08 Errare Humanum Est
09 Atheist Dezekration

After 5 years in the Dark Ambient scene, this horde have evolved into Black Metal music with this debut. The first full-length "Atheist dezekration" is composed of eight brutal and spellbounding pieces, spawned of differents interludes!
Interesting listen for a band so young in the shape of BM.


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