14 Oct 2010

Dark Tribe - In Jeraspunta / Die Rückkehr der Tollwütigen Bestie

One of the most insane albums you're likely to hear.
This is the second album for those of you that went crazy punching yourselves in the face listening to the latest, you'll probably end up crippled once this album finishes.
Highly addictive, totally kaotic and utterly brilliant. Witness for yourself.


13 Oct 2010


Debut EP from these grim Amerikunts, heavy as fukk old skhool Death Metal in league with Funebrarum and co.
Limited to 100, this is heavy shit.

Nyseius - Militiae

Some pretty excellent new French Black Metal up for grabs, with one demo released in 2004 prior to this full length, for a band that has been active since 2002, that's quite a while to get things kicking off.  Make no mistake, this isn't bringing anything new to the table, it's an old dish cooked to an great standard by an imitation TV cook, but for fans of fast and at times brutal Black Metal, this wins.


Terzij de Horde - A Rage of Rapture Against the Dying of the Light

Modern Post-Black Metal from the Dutch, short release that makes an impression.
At times you wonder if these guys have been listening to Drudkh whilst sitting in an old 6 story car park.
It's enjoyable if you don't mind some Post-Black Metal thrown into your daily dose of Satan, God and Rape.


Alrakis - Omega Cen

Incredible band from Germany, this is however an unofficial release (So I'm told), but who cares? You can't care that much otherwise you wouldn't be on this blog, or any other.
Darkspace, Astral Silence and now Alrakis pick up the torch leading the way in outer-space inspired Black Metal.
The music is other worldly, vast and black, empty yet full of life, like the dark sea in which Earth swims in.
Nice production gets the message across well, guitars sound sorrowful and full of yearning.  This music is searching for answers, answers which NASA are still trying to figure out, get a step ahead of them and spend an hour of your time focusing your cosmic energy into this.

Ayr - Circling

Heavy and thick, two words to sum up the production on this tape, and it's killer.
I'm expecting good things from this pair in the future.  It's somewhat hard to put this band into a sub-group, they're blending various forms of BM into the mix in order to come up with something traditional sounding, yet fresh and new.

12 Oct 2010

Divine Codex - Ante Matter

Guh.Lu: guitars, bass, backing vocals
Atum: drums, synthesizers
M. Svavel: Session Vocals
Mysteriis: session Vocals

Attila Csihar: addtional vocal/Intrumental contribution

What do you think about that then? Sneaky line up, and not a bad album, worth 40 minutes of your time.