28 Nov 2010

Svartrit - I - III

Not very often does a band release three albums in a year, let alone all at the same time.
I'd never heard of this band before untill my recent discovery, and I wasn't expecting too much from the generic covers and unoriginal B&W woodland photography, but pleasantly, I was surprised.
You could find yourself comparing this band to early/mid era Abigor during moments, Svartrit do manage to carry that mid-90's feeling among certain songs, which makes it easy to listen to and doesn't give you much room to pick at this band, unless you're looking for something totally original and fresh, which this isn't.
Dark Germanic Heathenism/Anti-Cosmic is apparently the lyrical theme, not that you'd be able to tell at all.
Closing this up I have enjoyed the minutes spent listening to all three releases and I'd suggest you do the same.
(Note - the second album failed to upload, so the first and third will be posted and the second shall follow, if you enjoy both post a comment and I'll try and get the second album posted quickly.)

Download I & III

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