12 Dec 2010

Gorgonea Prima!

Just fucking look at these guys......Tekno throwbacks from Mortal Kombat II, playing the future of modern Black Metal warfare.
We've all heard Aborym, Mysticum, Neo Inferno 262 and the rest, and each of them left us gasping for air, yet after we recovered, we thought 'This band could push it further, they could use more of these drug fuelled elektronikal additions in order to wipe my memory from my skull in a green hazed bout of madness'.
Well this is where we find ourselves, finally a band that is 100% CYBER.
There's no quiet Black Metal only sections, everything is powered by elektroniks, everything storms ahead through fibre optik cables, with one destination, your brain.
There's no pulse to this, only beeps and fans spinning, like the computer you're using now.

Needless to say this is recommended, I urge all of you with the slightest interest in above mentioned bands as well as any general interest in Industrial BM or the more obscure ancient term of Cyber BM.


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